Prof. Jonas Tesarz

Research areas:

  • Psychological treatment of pain
  • Eye-Movement-Desensititzation-Reprocessing (EMDR) in the treatment of chronic pain
  • Pain and pain treatment in high performance athletes
  • Influence of stress and mental trauma on central pain modulation
  • Pain of the musculoskeletal system
  • Biopsychosocial aspects of pain and pain chronification

Professional experience

04/2017 – today         Senior physician and assistant professor
Head of the Psychosomatic Consulting and Liaison Services; Department for General Internal Medicine and Psychsomatics (Director: Prof. Dr. W. Herzog), University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

10/2008 – 03/2017    Resident for internal medicine and psychosomatics
Department for General Internal Medicine and Psychsomatics (Director: Prof. Dr. W. Herzog), University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

03/2008 – 10/2008    Research residence
Institute of Anatomy at the University of Heidelberg (Director: Prof. Dr. J. Kirsch)


04/2017                               Habilitation, University Heidelberg, Medical Faculty; Venia legendi for the field General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatics

01/2014                               Medical Specialist for Internal Medicine

01/2008 – 02/2013          Dissertation, Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology (Prof. Dr. S. Mense), University of Heidelberg

4/2004– 10/2005             Studies of Philosophy and Linguistics, Heidelberg University

10/2000 – 12/2007          Medical Degree, Medical Faculty Heidelberg, Heidelberg University


Research residence

10/2017 – today                 Research residence at the `Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory´ (Director: Prof. Dr. T. Wager), Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Institute for Cognitive Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

05/2003 – 08/2003         Research residence     Work as junior scientist at University of California, (Director: Prof. Dr. H. Niaido) Department of Microbiology, Berkeley), USA



10/2016 – 10/2018            Postdoc-Fellowship of the “Physician Scientist”-Programme of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg “

11/2008 – 09/2010            Carus Stipendiat for trainee program “Qualifizierungsprogramm Klinische Forschung“

10/2002 – 10/2003            Scholarship Life Science Lab for Research Internship at the University of Heidelberg


Coordination and management activities

2017 – 2019                           Sino-German Alumni Network in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy

2013 – 2016                          Randomized controlled trial on the effects of EMDR in chronic low back pain patients


Awards and honors

2018    Günter-Jantschek Research Award For Psychosomatics in Internal Medicine [Günter-Jantschek-Forschungspreis] German College of Psychosomatic Medicine

2015     Award For Young Scientists In Pain Research German Association for the Study of Pain


Further qualifications

01/2018 – today                 Advisory Board for the Journal Trauma and Violence (“Trauma & Gewalt” )

10/2015 – 12/2015             Training for Relaxation Exercises & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

03/2014 – 05/2014           Training for Autogenic Training

05/2012 – 12/2012           Training as EMDR Psychotherapist (Level A)

09/2009                               Training for Triggerpoint Therapy (basis level) Medical Society for Myofascial Pain e.V.

06/2009                               Training for Medical Hypnosis Therapy  (basic level), German Society for Medical Hypnosis & Autogenic Training e.V.

03/2009                                Training for Neurorehabilitation and Mirror Therapy Seminars for Therapeutic, and Educational Specialists

04/2006 – 08 /2006          Certifacaton for Therapist in Diagnostic & Therapeutic Local Anaesthesia German Academy for Neural Therapie and Acupuncture e.V.